What type of Teacher Training does WLSA offer?

WLSA encourages staff to participate in professional development training. With this goal in mind we organise training for our staff and teachers. Our teachers travel abroad to visit our Associate schools and receive training there, and we invite teachers from Associate Schools to travel to China to provide training to our teachers.

Interested in Teacher Training? Please contact us viaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the exchange opportunities WLSA has to offer?

East to West Exchanges

Since 2012, the WLSA East to West Exchange brings students from WLSA Associate schools in China to WLSA Associate schools in countries such as Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.
The aim of this programme is to provide three weeks of educational and cultural experience for all students and staff involved

The visits will include:

  • Approximately two weeks of exchange experience including 7 or more days in the classroom
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities and other aspects of school life
  • General exposure to educational models unfamiliar to the Chinese students
  • Cultural experiences
  • Time with host families or in the dormitories
  • Visits to local tourist and recreational sites

Before or after these two weeks at the Host Schools, the groups will visit several universities, colleges and other historically or culturally interesting locations in their destination country.

West to East Exchanges

The WLSA West to East Exchange are an opportunity for students from WLSA Associate Schools in the West to visit Associate Schools in China to participate in educational and cultural activities.

The aims of the exchange will vary among participating schools but may include:

  • Engaging students and teachers to develop their knowledge of Chinese culture and education
  • Fostering an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity
  • Building long-term relationships among Associate schools, teachers and students
  • Sharing practices and ideas that support the learning and development of students and staff

Some Associates have chosen to begin to build a partnership with another WLSA Associate by exchanging students with the same school with whom they collaborated for East to West exchanges.

When is WLSA's next event?

WLSA organises several programmes and events each year at different locations around the world and for different audiences. You can learn more about our previous events and upcoming events events on our event's page.

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