Apply to the WLSA Internship Programme

The WLSA Foundation invites students from around the world to apply to our two-week summer internship programme in China's most exhilarating city, Shanghai! Today's job market is uber-competitive, having an international internship experience is one of the best ways you can stand out in the job market. The WLSA internship programme grants you the experience of a lifetime by delving into the country's culture, history and business world.

About the WLSA Internship
The WLSA Foundation offers students aged 16-19 a two-week internship at an international Chinese firm. Our internship programme is tailored to prepare young students interested in finance and business to begin their higher education journey with insights into the world of international business. 

The WLSA internship programme gives you: 

  • a standout resume
  • a global business outlook
  • widens your cultural insights
  • jumpstarts your professional working skills
  • expands your global network 

Did you know?
Finance is one of the most globalised and competitive industries in the world. As an international intern you will be perceived as ambitious, passionate, and not afraid to step out of your comfort one, all qualities empolyers are looking for!

And it's free?
As if this all wasn't enough of a reason to come to China, the only expense passed on to you is airfare and visa. WLSA covers the placement fee, accomodation, travel and food. 

Read More & Apply Today! We are interested to learn more about you, your achievements, and your future goals. Apply by 3 March, 2017.