Why should you attend the WLSA & CAN Conference 2017?

Are you a professional in the field of education? Do you want to provide your institution with opportunities for international experiences both at home and abroad, but simply haven't found your niche? The WLSA & College Admission Network (CAN) Conference brings together educators, counsellors, administrators and higher education institutions from around the world!

This year our conference theme is International Education: Exploring and Expanding Its Relevance, it aims to challenge the way we use international education to unite institutions and expand the minds of student leaders. 

The conference is a platform to connect and learn from thought-leaders who through their experiences, help prepare educational professionals to guide students through the globalised world of today and tomorrow. 

At the WLSA & CAN Conference you can:

1. Network
The WLSA & CAN Conference is the perfect platform to build and grow your professional network with educational leaders from around the world. The College Fair is a fantastic place to grow your professional network!

2. Learn
It's essential to teach students critical 21st-century skills including cultural awareness and empathy. Learn the new trends in international education that you can bring back to your home institution. 

3. Grow
Professional and personal development is vital to the constantly evolving individual. Come learn ways to get involved in the international education community and watch your life flourish!

4. Explore
Shanghai is a great location to jumpstart your summer holiday and travel to exotic places throughout Asia. Asia has some of the world's oldest cultures, captivating architecture and exquisite cuisines.