WLSA Speaker Spotlight: Meet Arun Kapur

We are excited to announce that Arun Kapur, the Director of Vassant Valley School (India), will speak at the 2017 WLSA & College Admission Network (CAN) Conference! Arun will lend his expertise and experience during the Conference sessions! 

See him at the Conference

Asian Voices - A Conversation Among School Leaders
Monday, July 10th at 10:15 - 11:15 p.m 

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Arun Kapur

Vassant Valley School, (India)

Arun Kapur is an educationist with morethan 35 years of experience who has been actively engaged in building learning environments for various groups of learners - rural and urban, students with special needs and students who have fallen outside of the formal schooling system. He is the Director of Vassant Valley School, one of India's best known private schools and the Founding Director of the Royal Academy in Paro, Bhutan. Apart from this, Arun is also the founder of Ritinjali, a not for profit organisation working across India for community development through education and employment opportunities among the marginalised youth of the country. Pallavanjali, an organisation dedicated to the diverse needs of learners was founded by Kapur as was Pallavan, a play school. He is the Chairman of the Centre for the Escalation of Peace, an organisation that works for the free exchange of ideas across borders with the objective of empowering young minds. Leading Out: The True Purpose of Education and Transforming Schools, Empowering Children who are two books written by him that encapsulate his beliefs and ideas regarding education.