Day in the Life Of A WLSA Intern, meet Val!


Valerie Krisman

Valerie Krisman
The Hague University

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I am happy to have the opportunity to intern at an international organization like the WLSA Foundation! Working together with the hardworking team of WLSA has been a great experience so far. I enjoy the fact that everyone I am working with is culturally diverse with a global perspective. This fits with my learning goals perfectly because my major is ‘European Studies’. My colleagues and the work atmosphere are so global that I learn new information about various backgrounds and cultures every day.

At the moment, I am assisting in the preparations for the WLSA Conference in July 2017 that will take place in Shanghai., This is an interesting and enlightening challenge. Planning such a large event that will take place in a different country makes me realize how much organization, research, and teamwork must happen. My other tasks are focused on helping the WLSA Foundation continue to grow in the future in order to provide services to more students. These tasks have taught me goal setting, planning, and marketing skills.

I am excited to learn and grow more in this internship with WLSA!