A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words: Exchange Photo Competition!

Our East to West Exchange provides WLSA Associate students China the opportunity to visit Associate Schools in the United States, South Africa, the UK, Australia, and Canada. We hope that students return home from the exchange with an appreciation of cultural diversity, long-term relationships with teachers and students, and with new ideas and practices to bring back to other Chinese Students.
During their exchanges, students are constantly taking pictures of their new adventures, exciting locations, and new friends. This year, we asked students to submit their best pictures from the exchange for a chance to win our Photo Competition!

And the winner is....


E2W Photo 3

Photo by:

Xingyu Tan,
Westminster Schools

The third-place prize goes to Xingyu Tan, who completed her exchange at the Westminster Schools! Xingyu took this photo at the top of the Empire State Building, just one stop that the students made during their exchange. She made a heart with her hands to symbolize the love she has for the city, and put it in a black and white filter to respect New York’s long history.

We love your beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing Xingyu!