The UK Boarding School Tour has kicked off!






On Tuesday the 9 th of May, the 2017 UK Boarding School Tour started in Beijing. A combination of 20 educators and entrepreneurs, from both China and the UK, gathered to discuss Elite Education and Social Responsibility.

The seminar was moderated by Dr. Jack Jia, Executive Director of WLSA, and Niall Hamilton, Senior Admissions Tutor at Marlborough College. Both discussed various topics, such as: education in the future, the transformation of UK schools, scholarships, and entrepreneurship.

During the evening conference, there were several prospective students and parents eager to learn more about UK Boarding School Education. The team from the UK Boarding Schools includes: James Postle (Millfield), Niall Hamilton (Marlborough College), Hillary Laver (Cheltenham College), Andrew Leale (Tonbridge School) and Caitriona Redding (Oundle School), they gave their insight on various topics, such as out-dated British myths, life in a boarding house, co-curricular sports and life after a boarding school education.

There was a live stream of the event, which was watched by 800 people who were eager to learn about the ins and outs of the most elite British Boarding Schools.

Reporting of the event was covered by WLSA intern, Orla Redding.