Welcome the WLSA Ambassador’s to the 2017 Conference

Here at WLSA we believe education is a shared responsibility. It’s through participation from schools all over to world that we at WLSA grow together and expand our network of ideas. This is the first year WLSA has offered the Ambassador Stipend to encourage diversity, new vantage points and growth at the 2017 WLSA & CAN Conference. At WLSA, we hope we can inspire every school, no matter from which environment.

Some of the attending Ambassador’s are:
Super Nova 8bbb094942988a142cdc9824ad4458de Asma Rabab, with the Super Nova School in Pakistan

etonhouse 4558da41e7583557bdb1d00e897c91b9 Melissa Kingsley, with Etonhouse Malaysia in Malaysia

University of Ibadan         Ismail Musa & Uchenna Kenneth Ekemezie, with the University of Ibadan in Nigeria

Interested to see all the schools joining the WLSA Conference? Check out the WLSA Ambassador Stipend Recipients Recipients at the WLSA Website.