2017 WLSA & CAN Conference Re-cap: Friday, 7 July

Opening Plenary

After countless hours of planning, miles of travel, and hard work from the WLSA Team and our participating presenters, the 2017 WLSA & CAN Conference is over! The 4-day long conference took place in Shanghai, China and successfully brought together multi-cultural educational professionals to explore pressing topics in the field of international education.

Important issues in international education were discussed, debated, and presented by some of the leading educators from around the world. College counselors displayed their universities’ unique characteristics and provided insight to the college application processes student will face. All attendees, volunteers, and speakers were given the opportunity to make international connections with peers.

A quick re-cap of Friday, 7 July!

Here are the presensentations with a wide variety of topics that took place on the first day of the conference! 

Real World Scenarios; a discussion between leaders in education & business
Question: What are the skills needed for a globalised workforce?
Presented by: Chris Watson, James Nondorf, Berry Bock, Kelly Walter, Chuck Ng, Daniel Traça Ph.D., Qunbin Wang, Denis Yip, Hongyan Pan, & Yan Zheng

Question: What will the international job market look like in 2030?
Presetned by: Charlie Jenkinson, Gail Berson Randall C. Deike, Ph.D., James Montoya & Michele Butler

Introduction to the College Admission Network (CAN)
Presented by: Douglas L. Christiansen, PhD., Kelly Walter, Robert Lay, & Ginny Maddux

Testing and Assessment Trends in U.S. & China Colleges
Presented by: Jeff Brenzel Ph.D. & Professor Fangxian Zheng

Life Skills for Fostering International Student Development
Presented by: Dr. Sumer Singh, Ph.D.

College Admission Network: Understanding & Navigating U.S. Educational Models
Presented by: Robert Lay, Ginny Maddux, Megan Harlan, Jamie Chan, Hector Martinez, Shiny Wang & Jean Wall

Confidence to Lead: Integrating Student Leadership into the Planning of Service Programmes 
Prestented by: Elizabeth Gray 

College Admission Network: The Seven Components of U.S. University Applications
Presented by: Robert Lay, Ginny Maddux, Deren Finks, Megan Harlan, Hector Martinez, Jamie Chan, Jean Wall & Shiny Wang

Taking Responsibility: Facilitating Student Leadership During Service Programmes
Presented by: Elizabeth Gray

The day was concluded with a welcoming reception for the attendees and speakers to have a time to relax and network after the opening day! 


Stay tuned for more re-caps of the 2017 WLSA & CAN Conference!