2017 WLSA & CAN Conference Re-cap: Saturday, 8 July

Caitriona redding identifies the challenges of studying abroad 2

During the second day of the WLSA & CAN Conference, the jetlag began to subside for many of the participants traveling from around the world! On the 8th of July, topics specifically relevant to college counselors were presented and discussed by our College Admission Network (CAN) Team, and esteemed professionals in the field. This day also featured presentations from current or recently graduated students from a diverse group of universities and their experience with college applications.

For participants of the conference not involved in college counselling, WLSA presented a wide range of important issues and questions in the world of education today. Some of these included addressing student leadership, revolutionizing the classroom, and the need for more diverse STEM students. These sessions were presented by professors and educational professionals from the Netherlands, South Africa, the United States, and more!

The day was concluded with a College Fair hosted by WLSA & CAN. This portion of the conference offered university representatives to highlight their school’s unique attributes and answer any questions that students might have about international admissions processes!

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Saturday, 8 July 2016 Presentations

CAN Keynote: Innovation in College Admissions
Presented by: James Nondorf

College Admission Network: Holistic Admissions Process as Highly Selective
U.S. Universities 
Presented by: Douglas L. Christiansen Ph.D. & Kelly Walter, Gail Berson, Randall C. Deike Ph.D,
Kedra Ishop Ph.D., & Christopher Watson

Servant Leadership: unlocking talent in culturally diverse schools 
Presented by: Silvia van de Bunt Kokhuis, Ph.D. & Elisa van de Bunt, Ph.D.

Point/Counterpoint: Perceptions & Misperceptions of the College Admissions Process at Selective
Presented by: Kelly Walter & Doug L. Christiansen Ph.D., Gail Berson, Randall C. Deike Ph.D., Kedra Ishop Ph.D., & Christopher Watson

How to Align Culture, Structure, & Strategy in Your School Organization
Presented by: Silvia van de Bunt Kokhuis Ph.D. & Elisa van de Bunt Ph.D.

College Admission Network: Case Studies in Admissions 
Presented by: Kelly Walter & Doug L. Christiansen Ph.D., Gail Berson, Randall C. Deike Ph.D., Kedra Ishop Ph.D., & Christopher Watson

Wake Up Class! 5 Digital Age Pedagogies That Will Revolutionize Your Classroom
Presented by: Craig Blewett Ph.D. & Trevor Hall

The Relevance of World-Leading Admissions Qualifications Within International Education
Presented by: James Montoya, Beth Shotton, Michele Butler, Isthier Chaudhury & Yu Zhang

Stem & Admissions: Addressing the Need for Better Prepared & More Diverse Students
Presented by: Paul Havern, Anjana Ahuja Ph.D., & Craig Blewett, Ph.D.

A Students Perspectives on Applications & Standing Out
Presented by: Sasasa Dlamini, Ventali Tan & Sienna Zhang

Managing Expectations: Figures, Facts, & Choosing the Right School
Presented by: Jean Wall, John Gaines, Tara Bubble, Hector Martinez, Nanci Tessier & Tara Bubble

The State of International Admissions in a Post Trump & Brexit Era
Presented by: Michele Butler, Beth Shotton, & Isthier Chaudhury