2017 WLSA & CAN Conference Re-cap: Sunday, 9 July

Sunday, 9 July marked the third day of the WLSA & CAN Conference in Shanghai! At this point of the conference, everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm to discuss and learn further from the presenters and their fellow attendees. No one missed having a lazy Sunday at the WLSA & CAN Conference in Shanghai!

The sessions and lectures today strived to dive a little deeper into the topics, as well as introduce some new ideas to keep things exciting. Leadership was a common theme about some of the breakout sessions today, coving both cultural empathy in and understanding leadership, as well as a training for those involved in the new WLSA Programme, Cross-Cultural Leadership. A student from Westville Boys’ School was presented an award for his outstanding service in the international education community and we were able to hear from the WLSA Student Council. Finally, we heard from our Keynote Speaker from Princeton University who shed some light on US Admissions.

It was a great day to be in Shanghai!



Check out the full programme for Sunday, 9 July!

WLSA Associates Meeting
Presented by: Jack Jia & Tony Little

Cross Cultural Leadership Training
Presented by: Peter Merrill & Charlie Jenkinson

Building the College Counselling Team: Leveraging the school culture to support student applications
Presented by: Robert Lay, Ginny Maddux, Megan Harlan, Hector Martinez, Shiny Wang, Jamie Chan, Jean Wall & Chemeli Kipkorir

Cultural Spotlight:
Leadership with Cultural Empathy: Understanding Culture
Presented by: Carla Millar Ph.D. & John Mahon Ph.D.

The African Continent; A conversation among leaders in education
Presented by: Sara Mierke, Andrew Taylor, Temba Maqubela & Trevor Hall

Learning by Doing: A youthful perspective on the high school identity and exploring our global and cultural positions in education around the world
Presented by: The WLSA Student Council

Holistic Approaches to International Student Support
Presented by: Marianne Smith, Rob McGuiness, Andrew Leale & Michelle Phillips

Innovative Schools Talk Diversity & Access
Presented by: Matej Sapak, Innes van Nostrand, William Nicholas, Dianjun Wang & Siddharth Singh

Leadership with Cultural Empathy: Understanding Leadership
Presented by: Carla Millar Ph.D. & John Mahon Ph.D.

 Best Practices in College Counselling: Transparency & Communication
Presented by: Robert Lay & Ginny Maddux

Student Spotlight: Best Delegate Award
Presented to: David Weber,
Westville Boys' School

WLSA Keynote 
An American Perspective: Selective College Admissions
Presented by: Janet Rapelye
Dean of Admissions, 
Princeton University