2017 WLSA & CAN Conference Re-cap: Monday, 10 July

Monday, July 10 was the final day of the conference in Shanghai. All the presenters, attendees, staff, and volunteers have had the chance to get to know one another and create networks that we hope will stand the test of time. On the last day of the conference, a debate hour presented by representatives from multiple cultures argued pros and cons of topics like technology in the classroom and single-sex versus co-ed schools and their effectiveness. We were also able to hear the closing keynote presented by WLSA's Founder, Chairman, and former Headmaster at Eton College, Tony Little. 

It is a few weeks since the 2017 WLSA & CAN Conference took place in Shanghai, China. As the dust settles and everyone begins to return home, the work for us at WLSA is only just beginning! We hope to utilize the strong discussions, insightful information, and attendee expertise presented at this conference to improve international education around the world!  



Creating a Culture of Empathy
Presented by: Deren Finks & Jean Wall

The Challenges of Experiential Education in the Developing World
Presented by: Nishad Das

Teacher & Headmaster Training; The Importance of International Training in China
Presented by: Juncheng Wang, Ruihua Dai & Douglas L. Christiansen Ph.D.

Asian Voices: A Conversation Among School Leaders
Presented by: Andri Nurcahyani, Jian Wu, Huarong Li & Dr. Sunshik Min Ph.D.

Preparing for International School Leadership: Insights and Advice for Teachers and Aspiring Heads of School
Presented by: Dr. Helen Wright Ph.D.

Are We Really Preparing our Students for Their Lives as Global Citizens?
Presented by: Stephan Meek, Sumer Singh, Charlie Jenkinson, Taylor Stockdale, Elizabeth Stone, Zhenfeng Yang & Jian Tian

Soft Skills Create Mental Strength
Presented by: Catriona Redding & Marrianne Smith

Making the Case for Outside-The-Box Summer Initiatives & Its Importance in a Globalized World
Presented by: Elizabeth Morrison

 Debate Hour: The House believes single sex education is more effective than co-ed
Presented by: Catherine Raw, Andrew Leale, Tamara Bobakova & Flavia Vidal

 Shanghai YK Pao School Chorale
Led by Ralph Allwood Ph.D., Oliver Tarney, Dan Turner & James Day

WLSA Associates & Friends Share Their Stories
Presented by: Natalie Smith, Dr. Helen Wright Ph.D., Charlie Jenkinson, Robert Lay, Flavia Vidal, Rafaela Moutzouris, Strauss Cooper, Sunny Ma, Ana Maria Balazuela, Sara Mierke & Jiuguang Feng

Cross Cultural Leadership Training (Pt. 2)
Presented by: Peter Merrill & Charlie Jenkinson

Debate Hour: The house believes that education technology in the classroom is a waste of time and money
Presented by: Wenxiong Bu, Yiping Yan, Yang Wang, Jiliang Yan, & Zhiqiang Xie

Closing Plenary Keynote
Presented by: Tony Little, Former Eton College Headmaster & WLSA Chairman

Closing Dinner & Book Signing Ceremony

Boat Tour