Welcome Two Schools to the WLSA Family!

It is an exciting time at WLSA as we welcome two exceptional schools to our association! Our team believes that the only way we will truly gain a global perspective and bridge the gap between cultural understanding is through diversifying our network. WLSA promotes inclusivity and encourages discussions and opinion sharing within our network of associates and friends in order to provide the best support of international education possible.

We are proud to welcome SESC School of Secondary Education (Brazil) and Tsinghua University High School (China) to our family of associates! We are thrilled to welcome them to our association and can’t wait to work with them through our programmes and events!

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Learn more about SESC School and Tsinghua University High School!

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SESC School of Secondary Education

In February 2008, SESC High School opened its doors in Rio de Janeiro to a group of young enthusiastic residents from across the country. Those were teenagers aged 13-16 years who were given the opportunity to introduce an innovative experience in Brazil’s educational scenario: top-quality fulltime residential high school education.

This pioneering project was an initiative of Antonio Oliveira Santos, president of the National Commerce Confederation for Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) and Social Service for Commerce (SESC) National Department, who saw the building of an educational community as an opportunity to educate children within a diversified environment, preparing them for both the job market and the exercise of leadership and citizenship.



Tsinghua University High School

It is widely known that High School Attached to Tsinghua University enjoys a great prestige in China and abroad. The school employs unique educational philosophies and has educated a great number of well-known alumni, such as Yang Zhenning, Liu Yandong, Shi Tiesheng.
With a well-researched pedagogical system strengthened by rich resources available at Tsinghua International School, we are ideally positioned to provide an international education while emphasizing the full integration of the Chinese and Western cultures to create a comfortable and appealing learning environment.
It is our mission that every student graduates from Tsinghua International School having developed a strong affection for China, a deep love for life, a spirit of creativity as well as a balanced and thorough understanding of the world.