#Unfilterednetwork to Join Us In Jeju, South Korea 2018


We will be joined AT OUR 2018 STUDENT CONFERENCE by the #unfilterednetwork, a social media initiative aimed at looking past superficial labels, created by Harvard basketball alumnus Zena Edosomawan and his team.

"Too often in our society, people make longstanding character judgments regarding others without ever taking the time to truly understand them or their point of view. We often allow superficial conversations and lazy labels that lack true substance, to serve as a barometer for our opinions of the people around us. These quick judgement, made without understanding and unraveling the many layers that form the complex individuals who we interact with each day, are problematic. The Harvard #Unfiltered project aims to address this issue by looking past these superficial labels and digging beneath the surface, to get a better understanding of the intricate identities of the students on our campus."


2018 WLSA Student Conference

July 16-21, 2018
Jeju, South Korea 

We are pleased to announce the 2018 WLSA Student Conference will be hosted by the Korea International School – Jeju Campus, an exciting location for students from around the world to join together for a week of growth, social events, excursions and cross cultural leadership training.

Organized and executed by the WLSA Student Council, the conference will engage students through the theme “The Human Condition”, which aims to connect students to their unique leadership voice in a world consumed by constant streams of news and social media and the ability to discern what is real. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn from their global peers.


Registration and Call for Proposals opens December 15, 2017.

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