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Leading Secondary Schools around the world join WLSA for networking events, a platform to share knowledge and access to like-minded professionals as they develop international curriculum and programmes for their students. As a global, member driver organization, WLSA helps schools access revolutionary trends in international education, provides a platform for international student exchange for both mobile and immobile students and facilitates student interactions with leading universities around the world.

WLSA Associate Members have access to all WLSA services including:

  • Networking and collaboration at events: participation in WLSA conferences and events alongside excellent schools worldwide.  WLSA conferences will provide platforms to facilitate educational exchange and co-operation among top schools, college counsellors, admissions professionals and students.
  • International Curriculum Development: participation in programmes to develop innovative curriculum for Asian and Western Schools
  • International Exchanges: opportunities for students and faculty to participate in international exchanges among WLSA Associate Schools
  • Internships at Chinese Enterprises: internship opportunities for your students to understand and experience Chinese business practices
  • Contributing to Publications and Newsletters: access to a platform to voice opinions in the international secondary school arena via the WLSA Record and via our blog and newsletter
  • Access to WLSA Scholarships for Associate School students to fund their travel to the WLSA Student Conference, Exchange Programmes, Semester Abroad and Internships
  • Teacher and College Counsellor Training through both our conferences and blended online learning platform, WLSAx
  • A school profile in the online WLSA Membership Directory

Associate Eligibility

To be eligible to become a WLSA Associate, a school must demonstrate that they have:

  • Excellent academic ranking in their nation
  • Great educational performance in holistic education
  • Motivation to participate in and a willingness to contribute to education, exchange and co-operation between associate schools
  • At least three hundred (300) registered students
  • Promote global citizenship
  • Willing to participate in annual survey
  • Annual Fee of 1000 euro

Ready to Join Us?


The School Membership application process involves:

Stage 1 - submission of application and two references from current member schools;

Stage 2 – Applicants are brought to the Executive Board for final approval

Annual Fees are billed in January of each year.