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Have you ever been interested in taking a group of your students to China? What about hosting a student from top secondary schools for their exchange? Both of these exchange experiences can be a life changing one for students participating or hosting and a wonderful opportunity to expand cultural understanding. WLSA offers it's associates and friends the opportunity to host Chinese Students or take a group of students to China or both! We believe that experiences like these are a crucial part of developing a global perspective and also provide memories that students and faculty won't soon forget!

I want to go on an exchange!

I want to go on an exchange!

I want to host an Exchange!

I want to host an Exchange!



Participate in an Exchange! 

The WLSA West to East Exchange provides students from WLSA Associate Schools the opportunity to visit Associate Schools in China, there is no better way to celebrate diversity than to participate in the educational and cultural activities of a different country.

The aims of the exchange will vary among participating schools but may include:

  • Engaging students and teachers to develop their knowledge of Chinese culture, language and education
  • Fostering an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity
  • Building long-term relationships among Associate Schools, teachers and students
  • Sharing practices and ideas that support the learning and development of students and staff

Some WLSA Associates have chosen to build a partnership with another WLSA Associate by exchanging students with the same school with whom they collaborated for East to West Exchanges.

Opportunities and Dates

Chinese Associates are able to host between 4 and 10 students (per school) for a one week long exchange between March and early June each year.
Please note that if these dates do not fit your school timetable, WLSA can facilitate visits to Associate Schools in China at other times during the year.


The majority of schools in China offer accommodation on campus. If your school or students would prefer staying with student families, please inform us at your earliest available opportunity so that we may explore this possibility for you.
Should you prefer to arrange accommodation at a hotel near to the school you are visiting, we will be happy to help with making the arrangements.

If you would like WLSA assistance in identifying an exchange partner, complete and return the Seeking an Exchange Partner Application  to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Become a Host School! 

Give your students the international experience without ever leaving the classroom! The WLSA East to West Exchange Programme presents an opportunity for your school to host students for a three week period in January-February from our WLSA associate schools in East Asia.
This dynamic programme comes complete with:

Entrance interviews to ensure a high standard of English
Fully qualified chaperones from our WLSA member schools
Complete itinerary to take out any of the guess work for you and your institution
Full medical insurance- for all the little whoops that happen during travel
The WLSA East to West Exchange Programme has been an invaluable part of WLSA since 2012. Welcoming an exchange student from a WLSA Associate school in East Asia is beneficial in so many ways! You can share your schools traditions with a student from another culture and bring the world right to your doorstep.

Our programme provides three weeks of educational and cultural experience for everyone involved!

A typical exchange includes:

  • Approximately two weeks of classroom experience, where the exchange student will experience education as any other student at your school would and one week with a WLSA chaperone visiting local cultural sites and colleges near your institution
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities, meals and clubs
  • General exposure to educational models unfamiliar to East Asian students
  • Bonding time with host families or in the dormitories
  • Visits to local tourist and recreational sites (arranged by WLSA)
  • And the best part is that our Exchange Programme is completely FREE to our WLSA Associate Schools!

Student Selection

Students from our WLSA Associate Schools in Asia are invited to apply, and the selection criteria includes the following elements:

50% Motivation
50% English Level

The level of English and Motivation are based on the contents of the students’ motivation letter and the outcome of an interview conducted with WLSA staff members fluent in English. This assures that exchange students have an advanced level of English and are placed in an institution that matches with their interests


You can expect an exchange student from 15 to 17 years of age. We do what we can to attract an equal amount of male and female candidates, but the applicant pool is generally dominated by talented female applicants. We do all we can to ensure that each host school has both a male and female applicant.


To ensure an efficient and effective process for the Student Exchange, as a Host School you will have the following responsibilities:

Provide an introduction to school life upon the students’ arrival
Provide WLSA with any requirements or required forms for visiting students & WLSA chaperones
Confirm school uniform/dress code requirements
Confirm which costs are covered by schools and which are to be covered by WLSA
Provide detailed programme for the full two week exchange (including weekend activities) for students and chaperones
Confirm accommodation, catering and local travel arrangements for students and accompanying chaperones
Provide information regarding Host families to WLSA staff if applicable
Provide a copy of the school’s own Risk Assessment for the Exchange if applicable
Confirm available internet access for students to contact their families – either on campus or via home stay families
Click here to read more about the WLSA Responsibilities throughout the exchange process.


Either before or after the students' time at your school, WLSA will arrange a week long programme which includes visits to local colleges and universities and cultural excursions in the host schools’ country.

From the time the students arrive at your school you are responsible for creating the programme. This programme should include:

At least 7 days of classroom experience
Extra-curricular activities, sports activities or field trips
Community service
The programme should be given at least two weeks before the students depart from their home country. This ensures that both the host school and the students have the same expectations which lead to higher levels of fulfilment for all parties.


The Lovett School (USA)
“The Lovett School (Georgia, USA) has been part of the west to east exchange for four years. In 2016 we welcomed eight students and two adults from WLSA Fudan. The students took full advantage of every opportunity we offered, from college visits, to a tour of Atlanta, to participating in classes from kindergarten through high school. The exchange was a great opportunity for our host students and families to build new friendships and develop cross-cultural understanding.” -Marsha Little

Geelong Grammar School (Australia)
“Being a host was an enriching and rewarding experience. We were delighted with the support WLSA offered us leading up to, during and after the exchange. The visiting students and their host were wonderful and we were delighted to be able to share experiences and learn from each other in this way.” -Dean Dell’Oro

Harvard-Westlake School (USA)
"The WLSA exchange was wonderful. Our students had a great time hosting the Chinese delegation at Harvard-Westlake. All the kids enjoyed their time together. WLSA made the entire experience run smoothly." -Jim Patterson

Westminster Schools (USA)
"Hosting our Chinese guests this winter has been a great pleasure. The WLSA exchange program has been a great opportunity for our Westminster hosts to serve as ambassadors of American culture. Our faculty, students, and host families truly enjoyed meeting our new friends from the Beijing 101 High School. We have gained a better understanding of Chinese people and culture through this exchange program. By hosting their peers from Beijing, our students have extended their perspective of the global community. I was especially amazed by the wonderful interactions between these young people from both schools. Though the two-week program has ended, students from both schools are continuing to exchange thoughts and messages through email and WeChat. This development of friendships is the best part of the exchange experience. Many thanks to the WLSA colleagues for offering this incredible exchange program!" -Lily Liu


If your institution is interested in hosting for the East to West Exchange in January/February 2018 you can download the Host School Survey.

Do you have a question or comment? Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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