Send Your Students on Exchange

The WLSA West to East Exchange provides students from WLSA Associate Schools the opportunity to visit Associate Schools in China, there is no better way to celebrate diversity than to participate in the educational and cultural activities of a different country.

Aims of the Exchange

The aims of the exchange will vary among participating schools but may include:

  • Engaging students and teachers to develop their knowledge of Chinese culture, language and education
  • Fostering an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity
  • Building long-term relationships among Associate Schools, teachers and students
  • Sharing practices and ideas that support the learning and development of students and staff

Some WLSA Associates have chosen to build a partnership with another WLSA Associate by exchanging students with the same school with whom they collaborated for East to West Exchanges.

Opportunities & Dates

Chinese Associates are able to host between 4 and 10 students (per school) for a one week long exchange between March and early June each year.

Please note that if these dates do not fit your school timetable, WLSA can facilitate visits to Associate Schools in China at other times during the year.


The majority of schools in China offer accommodation on campus. If your school or students would prefer staying with student families, please inform us at your earliest available opportunity so that we may explore this possibility for you.

Should you prefer to arrange accommodation at a hotel near to the school you are visiting, we will be happy to help with making the arrangements.

If you would like WLSA assistance in identifying an exchange partner, complete and return the Seeking an Exchange Partner Application  to us at [email protected]