Interning in China – the teachers view

Every year WLSA arranges Internships in China. Most often, we at WLSA hear how it went from the students; but today we want to share what Mr Chris Bryant from Cranbook School thought about the experience as an accompanying teacher.


“I just want to follow up on our trip. I think this was a very successful experience for our students.


WLSA, along with our travel agent, at Universal Travel put together a working plan to get all our students to Shanghai in one piece. Our Vietnamese student, Khanh Pham arrived in Shanghai six hours before the Americans. CC, our main WLSA guide, took her to a movie to pass the time. Very nice.


Chengwei Capital was great. Mr. Eric Li, the company’s founder and CEO, graciously welcomed us the first day. We also had a good lecture from Mr. Xiaodong Zhou, one of Chengwei’s employees. The following day, they took us to one of their companies; Four Seasons Education, so we can see what they do. The next two days, the students were led by Ana, who outlined their project and was extremely helpful. On Friday, they presented and Mr. Zhou was there to give feedback. All week long, we also were provided lunches by very sweet old Chinese lunch ladies. Chengwei was a fine host.


WLSA took very good care of us in terms of sightseeing and so forth. The heat and humidity was brutal, so CC was very good in being flexible when the kids were beat and needed AC and rest. CC was very patient with us. The bus driver was great. The second hotel was fine. Clean and a Family Mart convenience store for us right across the street. Home stays were a grand slam as always. The kids came back thrilled with their experiences.”


For our student centered programmes, we naturally gravitate towards the student experience when sharing testimonials. This time however, we are glad to have satisfied all involved! Learn more about our Internships in China.