Interning at WLSA

An article written by the WLSA NL intern Yenny Mo. The internship is for students in The Netherlands for a 5-month duration. 


As an intern at WLSA for 5 months, I created contacts lists, designed marketing materials, translated texts, reorganized data, and went on a mini business trip to England as an interpreter and chaperone assistant. In addition to this, I did other smalls tasks such as stock counting and expense declaration. All together it became a practical experience that helped me to gain great knowledge in the field of marketing, event planning and general documentation. I am well pleased with the international and friendly working environment, with regular team building business dinners. Not only have I enjoyed working at WLSA, I have great improvements in Microsoft skills, creativity and communication skills throughout the internship. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work at WLSA with the friendliest and caring colleagues and leaders. I want to give great thanks again to all those who have contributed to make this special, knowledgeable and unforgettable internship possible.