Growth Beyond the Classroom – The Transition from School to University

A quality education should expand beyond the classroom and prepare students to meet new challenges the world has in store for them. Learning is no longer about the acquisition of facts. Instead, knowledge needs to be applied to real-world situations to understand the consequences outside of the school system and stimulate cultural leadership. A well-rounded, holistic approach to bridging the gap between school and university can encourage students to become global citizens who are engaged and aware.

An Educator’s Role in Facilitating This Transition

The path to global competency of our future world leaders is not one they can travel alone. The pandemic has forced all of us, including schools and institutions, to drastically reimagine how we do things. Teachers who lead through turbulence are more sensitive to the realities of their students.


As anyone emerging from higher education will tell you, making the leap from school to university is about much more than simply academics. University is where students form friendships, develop passions, create networks, and prepare for the working world. This requires innovation to support the different elements of a student’s journey often experienced in isolation.


This transition in the educational arena is one of the most stressful events in a young person’s life. Students need life skills preparation in the form of lessons in referencing, time management, and taking care of their physical health and safety.


Early adolescence is when considerable social, biological, and psychological developments occur. It is also when certain psychological disorders (i.e., anxiety disorders) become more prevalent. As such, we need to pay close attention to the significant psycho-social impact this shift has on students.


Emotional and supportive preparation is equally prudent as you can give students insight into how their friendships and support bases might be disrupted, or how being alone in an unfamiliar environment can impact their mental health.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

WLSA offers a network of professional support and resources for teachers. This community can be an invaluable compass for guiding the student journey. In addition, WLSA network connects world-leading schools to foster idea-sharing and collaboration through exchanges, conferences, and webinars.


WLSA values its creation of peer support groups that prepare students for university in a holistic manner by encouraging personal growth and collective responsibility. Through student partnership, WLSA helps us think about the skills and knowledge that tomorrow’s leaders should possess in an interconnected world.