About Us

The WLSA Foundation is a member driven, international education non-profit that aims to bridge where east meets west in international education.

It is a joint educational foundation which aims to promote cooperation and academic exchange and culturally broadening programmes between leading associate secondary schools in the world as well as experts in the field of higher education and college counseling.

What Makes Connecting with WLSA So Special?

Connecting with WLSA gives you access to a network of over 50 leading schools around the world. Join our mission to help guide the next generation of effective global leaders.

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Our Seven Services

1. Network of Leading Schools Around the World

Our associate schools around the world lead the way in curriculum, innovative teaching and excellence in academia. Connecting with WLSA means growing your network with these top schools and the opportunity to recruit students from diverse backgrounds.

2. Access to our Conferences and Fairs

WLSA offers opportunities to network with leading personals in the world of education and discuss the latest trends in international education. Our diverse range of participants include school heads, deans of admissions, college admissions counsellors, high school counsellors and students from all over the world.

3. International Curriculum

Our WLSA associate schools in China have an innovative and international curriculum that strives to educate our students with the best holistic practices to best prepare them for the international admissions process. We have a student centric approach to education that encourages creativity and a comfortable approach to learning.

4. Transparency

Our WLSA associate curriculum schools have twice yearly inspections to ensure quality and transparency in the educational processes. Our school inspection process is in place to ensure parents and higher education institutions that the educational standards of the schools are of top academic excellence that provides our WLSA students with an effective learning environment.

5. Opportunities to Publish

Our WLSA Record is comprised of original articles, research, and projects created by academic professionals in our WLSA network. As a friend of WLSA you will have the opportunity to have your own unique work published that has an audience of thousands of readers. Your original work acts as a resource to educators and students around the world. Do not miss this exciting opportunity to share your knowledge.

6. WLSA Scholarships

WLSA believes every student has a right to higher education, so we offer scholarships to financially disadvantaged students who excel in academics or extra-curricular activities. Our scholarship students typically come from often overlooked rural areas, that are filled with talent. Our scholarships help facilitate their educational goals and improve their quality of life.

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