College Counseling Course (CCC)

College Counseling Course (CCC)

Program Overview


While the world of college counseling is constantly evolving, the fundamentals of a successful program remain the same. College counseling may be defined as “working in the service of students who seek post-secondary education.” What constitutes post-secondary education will vary by student, by context, and even by country. But knowing the essentials will enable a college counselor to serve her students successfully, no matter their destination.


This course will introduce the concepts behind good college counseling and help new counselors learn from experienced practitioners, identify resources, and build a program that is appropriate for your school community. Over eleven weeks, counselors will tackle new information by topic and be encouraged to share reactions and ideas. As experienced counselors know, the work of a college counselor involves staying attuned to shifts in higher education.


This course establishes the platform on which to continue to learn and grow. In addition, counselors will have the opportunity to begin to establish a professional network by sharing feedback with other participants.



The CCC course will be delivered through out online learning platform Spark by WLSA. See the CCC on Spark.



How does it work?


In addition to learning the fundamentals of college counseling, this course encourages new practitioners to take advantage of other professional organizations whose contributions the field is salient. The material, complemented by video interviews with experts, will encourage new counselors to seek out additional learnings from professional organizations including, but not limited to, The College Board, NACAC, CASE, and CIS.



Target Audience


Individuals looking to gain knowledge on helping students through the college application process. Ideal for someone brand new in the field to up to 5 years of experience.

Next session: 4 January  - 21 March 2021


Candidates can complete the course in up to 2.5 months. One unit will be opened weekly to encourage peer to peer participation.

Capstone: Dates & location TBD


For an additional fee, an in-person event takes place at the end of the College Admission Network Conference. At this capstone, your work given at the end of the online portion of the program will be evaluated, and peer-reviewed by experts in the field of college counseling and admissions.


Registration will open on 19 October 2020. Applications due by 12 December 2020.