CCLP Capstone Landing Page

The CCLP Capstone is the culmination of CCLP where the students meet in person and are encouraged to critically reflect and use the skills they have developed to devise a joint Leadership Challenge suitable for the location, community and culture where the capstone is held. The CCLP Capstone involves CCLP participants conducting research into the local community and translating their insights into short films.
This year, the capstone will be held in Canada. Over 5 days, students work together to create a short video clip on challenges faced by local communities, exploring the reasons these challenges exist, possible controversies and how it impacts the local community. Afterwards students visit local organisations and conduct research to learn more. When enough research is gathered, students film interviews with the general public asking them various questions on the issue. A day is spent editing their footage to create a short film with the aim to educate and debate the content.
No prior filming or interviewing experience is necessary.

Location & Dates:

The 2020 CCLP Capstone will take place from 12 - 18 July 2020 at McMaster University just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Registration Information:

The cost of the CCLP Capstone is € 600 EUR. It can also be bundled with the 2020 WLSA Student Conference (€ 800 EUR) for the discounted rate of € 1300 EUR for both weeks. This does not include the cost of international airfare to Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).