Cross-Cultural Leadership Program

A Course That Connects The World

This unique and challenging program, developed exclusively for potential leaders in WLSA Associate Schools, brings together students from across the world to work together in small groups with a dedicated leadership mentor over two 10-week terms, culminating in an international capstone conference in the summer.


Building Global Leaders

For many students in WLSA member-schools, preparation for leadership roles should be seen as a natural developmental goal. This program aims to help student participants develop leadership competency across several important categories of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and behaviours. Among competency areas, the ability to work in complicated cross-cultural settings is a vital one in the 21st century. Leading in such contexts is especially challenging.


In this blended learning program, participants will work to develop competencies in the settings in which they currently occupy leadership roles. At the same time, there will be substantial focus on significant real-world contexts, including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This will ensure that the complex work of the program is both relevant to participants' present lives and forward looking.


Online Lectures
Stimulating Weekly Readings
Interactive Group Discussions
Reflection and Journaling
Mentor Relationships
Multi-national Projects


Charlie Pearson

Tonbridge School, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed the fact that I had the opportunity to meet new people from around the world, and through this program I was able to get so close with the other students and I was able  appreciate people from different walks of life.

Jenna Morgan

Westville Girls' High School, South Africa

I really enjoyed being able to meet all the students that I worked with for months during this course.  It was incredible getting to know about them, but it was even more interesting to see how thinking patterns change among different cultures.  It was amazing to see how quickly we all bonded and I'm glad I can now call them all lifelong friends.