CCLP for Mentors

Cross-Cultural Leadership Program for Mentors

Are you an educator or school leader looking for a meaningful way to share your experience in a cross- cultural role? The Cross Cultural Leadership Program selects students worldwide to connect in a global yet personal space. Our goals for this program are to foster lasting relationships between participants and to educate students in a variety of leadership styles while acknowledging the impact that individual cultural heritage has on the leadership process.  As a mentor you play an intricate part in this process.


You will use the newly developed WLSA online learning platform together with other communication tools to work through the content and create a connection between students and mentors.

What you'll gain as a CCLP mentor


  • Develop new skills as a trainer in cross-cultural leadership.
  • Meet students and educators from WLSA schools around the world.
  • A €1000 stipend is provided upon successful completion of the course and final project.

What you'll give as a CCLP mentor


  • Lead a group of four 15-18 year old students from different parts of the world through two 10-week terms of online learning.
  • Commit to between one and four hours per week of online student interaction.
  • Commit to attend the capstone in the summer of 2021 at a location as yet to be determined.


of students can now debate and defend a point of view


of students can now speak more confidently in public


of students now understand what it means to be a leader and how to apply this to their daily lives


of students are now more open and respectful of diversity

How does it work?


The mentor will commit approximately one hour per week to check in with the students, comment on their work and spark engagement. Depending on the nature of the exercise, the mentor may spend more or less time.


During the holiday period, the mentor will commit four hours per student, to mark and provide feedback on their proposals.


The mentor will be expected to take part in the capstone. This is when the students culminate their learning. The mentors role here will be to lead activities and support the students.


Mentors must truly be self starters and care about what CCLP is trying to achieve. We understand you’re a busy working professional but ideally mentors will not use school hours for CCLP unless it is discussed with school leadership.

Term 1

5 October   - 13 December 2020

The first term focuses on students as individuals.


Students will be put into groups with peers from schools from around the world and get to know one another through different online activities that aim to encourage self-reflection on identity, what students care about and what 'makes them tick' as well as how they can apply their strengths to everyday situations in school and at home. Weaving through the core curriculum of the first term will be an introduction to different leadership styles.

Term 2

18 January - 28 March 2021

The second term focuses on active leadership.


During this term students will change groups and work with a cohort of peers on the course assignments. The second term has a stronger focus on leadership: Students learn about different leadership styles and tackle moral dilemmas commonly faced by leaders. During this part of the course students are also be expected to develop and practice their leadership skills by identifying a challenge in their school and delivering a project on it.


Dates and location TBD


After both terms are complete mentors and students come together at the capstone. The previous capstone took place at the Jeju campus of the Korea International School at Jeju Island, South Korea.


Highlights from the 2018 Capstone in Jeju, South Korea



How can you get involved?


Step 1 Introduce yourself by filling out the Interest Form on this page by 9 August 2020


Step 2 If you've been selected you'll hear back from us late-August 2020



The application deadline is 9 August 2020
What our students have to say
I think the most important thing is to lean into discomfort and put yourself out there, and you will get the most out of the trip – I really appreciated the leadership workshops & reflections because they allowed me to think about myself and how I can improve.

I realised that I am really interested in different cultures and have decided to study my history and culture in college.

By making the most of the time we had and putting my all into the things we did there, I think CCLP was a life-changing experience for me.

I would say the biggest take away for me was the connections made with other students.

The experience of meeting other students really helped my interpersonal skills as well as providing some awesome new friends.

I’m definitely a lot more open minded when it comes to getting to know others, especially those from different cultures who may do things differently to what I’d usually do. I also have benefitted from being more confident in myself, especially in front of an audience.

I've noticed that I'm more open to understand and accept other cultures, points of view or beliefs. I'm also more confident to express myself in English.

The most important thing that I've learned and I'm going to bring with me in my life is learning about other cultures and listening more different points of view of teenagers that even being so far away have so much in common with me.