China Internship Application

Internship Application

Thank you for your interest in a WLSA Internship. Currently we have opportunities available in China for a 2-week internship.


Opportunities are available in finance.


By completing this application you are taking the first step in a process that will allow us to learn more about you, your achievements, and your future goals.


All applications will be assessed by a team of WLSA staff to determine which candidates will be invited to be matched with the opportunities available in China through our network.





The WLSA Internship application consists of four components, all of which must be completed. We cannot evaluate applications that are incomplete:

  1. Personal Data Form
  2. Academic Information (including your school transcripts and national exam results)
  3. Language Skills
  4. Short answer questions


Submitting Your Application:

Please complete the following application and upload copies of your last two school reports and national exam results.



All applications with all four parts completed must be received by 22 Mar 2019.