China Rising

Join us in China for an immersive two-week program designed by China's leading institutions for secondary school students interested in pursuing higher education in China.

What to Expect

China has awakened,” writes Harvard Professor Graham Allison, “and the world is beginning to shake.” From trade wars to technological exchanges, politicians and popular movements, the rapid ascent of China is transforming the world order. As another critical American election looms, and with the world’s foremost economic superpowers facing each other with increasing concern, the need for mutual understanding and creative solutions has never been greater.
WLSA’s summer program aims to help shape a peaceful and prosperous future by giving a select few ambitious and talented high school students the opportunity to see China as never before.
Over the course of a two week program, students will learn about the geography, history, and culture of China in order to understand how it has developed the values and systems it holds today. In the process, students will engage with a variety of perspectives on China, visit key cultural sites, and even undertake a linguistic crash course.
All classes will be run through a partnership between WLSA and the most prestigious Chinese universities, the C9 League or “China’s Ivy League”.
By the end of the program, students will have developed the essential knowledge and critical thinking skills they will need to generate creative solutions to some of the most pressing questions of their time.

Structure of the Program

China Rising forms the core of the program and is supplemented by lessons, seminars and activities on language immersion, social exploration, cultural experience and C9 League admissions and career opportunities.


The first week of the program will be held in Beijing at Tsinghua University High School (TUHS) and the second week of the program will be held in Shanghai at WLSA Shanghai Academy. Students will stay on campus in dorms. Students will stay on campus in dorms.


  • 500 USD program fee
  • Return airfare arriving in Beijing on July 27 and departing from Shanghai on August 8

"The US-Chinese relationship is the most important one in this century, therefore it is important to foster a culture of mutual understanding, especially among young people. Chinese students started coming to the US for college in the early 2000’s, however until recently this exchange is mostly one sided. I believe that as future leaders, it is vital we have a global perspective, which education plays a large role in."

Roan, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management '21.

Application Process



  • 15 - 19 years old
  • Enrolled or recently graduated from high school
  • Considering higher education or a career in China
  • Able to cover the costs of the 500 USD program fee and international airfare arriving in Beijing on July 27 and departing from Shanghai on August 8
  • Basic Mandarin is a plus


  • Your resume and motivation letter
  • A letter of reference from a teacher or career counselor
  • A scan of your passport photo page
  • One passport style digital headshot

The application deadline is April 15 2020.