Breakout Sessions 1

A Conversation with Shomie Das


Presenter: Tony Little | President, WLSA Fudan


Special Guest: Shomie Das | Chairman (Non-executive), People Combine Educational Initiatives Ltd.


Shomie Das has been a pillar of education since he began his career in 1958 at Gordonstoun School in Scotland, since that time he has been an educator, head of school and has founded many of India’s premiere institutions.  An avid physicist he is a published author, has climbed the Black Peak in the Himalayas and has built the only amateur radio telescope in India. He is a man who has donned many hats as an illustrious educationist. Describing Mr. Das in limited words becomes challenging as he is the person behind the curtain who contributed his vision in education to nearly 76 schools. Giving educational consultancy, contributing to education foundations and several countries around the world Mr. Das has been counselling various school managements on ways and means on how to upgrade institutional infrastructure. In this session Shomie will share his insights on the current state of education and his hopes for where the future will take us.


Mindful Leadership for High Performance: beyond the hype




  • Elizabeth Stone | Principal, Queenwood School 
  • Gillian Coutts | Australian Country Director, Potential Project


In a 2017 NAIS report, authors Fonte et. al write, “Health education and sexuality education curricula may be interpreted as competing with the ultimate mission of core academic schooling.” What are the perceived and real barriers to establishing comprehensive health education in your school, with your students? Learn the tenets of and resources needed for a sex education curriculum that is queer-inclusive, trauma-informed, and sex-positive. This session also covers the importance of values-driven mentorship in developing these programs. We will implicate ourselves, our attitudes towards sexuality, and our views on adolescence in our discussion, so come ready to share.


Supporting Students through Transitions


Moderator: Megan Harlan, Director of College Counselling, Groton School 



  • Catherine Eames | International Student Recruitment Manager, Imperial College London 
  • Peter Wilson | Deputy Dean and Director of Admissions, The University of Chicago


This panel will examine the ways secondary schools and universities can support students in transition.  Whether it be the period between lower school to upper school, upper school to higher education, or higher education to the workforce, institutions are charged with helping students become well-adjusted citizens and school personnel have an important role in assisting students’ adaptation to change.  Panelists will share insights, programs and perspectives that aid in student transitions on their campus and beyond.


May 26 @ 23:53
23:53 — 00:45 (45′)