Breakout Sessions 2

Talking Heads – Lessons on Leadership


Moderator: Eve Jardine-Young | Principal, Cheltenham Ladies’ College


  • Temba Maqubela | Headmaster,  Groton School 
  • Chris Bradford | Founder and Chief Operating Officer,  African Leadership Academy 
  • Matej Sapak | Principal, LEAF Academy
  • Jane Fried | Head of School, The Brearley School


In this session seven different heads of WLSA schools around the world will share a short lesson they feel will benefit the room – sharing insights as to what leadership can sometimes require, and sometimes look like  given it can – by necessity – be a “lonely” place.

A Framework of Care: a Queer-Inclusive, Sex-Positive, Trauma-Informed Approach to Peer Health Education 


Presenter: Kay Heffernan |Former Fellow in English and Brace Center for Gender Studies Liaison, Phillips Academy Andover 


In a 2017 NAIS report, authors Fonte et. al write, “Health education and sexuality education curricula may be interpreted as competing with the ultimate mission of core academic schooling.” What are the perceived and real barriers to establishing comprehensive health education in your school, with your students? Learn the tenets of and resources needed for a sex education curriculum that is queer-inclusive, trauma-informed, and sex-positive. This session also covers the importance of values-driven mentorship in developing these programs. We will implicate ourselves, our attitudes towards sexuality, and our views on adolescence in our discussion, so come ready to share.

Future-Proofing Students through Inquiry



  • Darryl Toerien, Head of Library, Oakham School 
  • David Harrow, Academic Deputy Head, Oakham School


Seymour Papert – central to revolutions in child development, AI and computational technologies for education – highlighted that it is impossible to teach students everything that they need to know, so the best we can do is to position them where they can find out what they need to know when they need to know it. This is our increasingly urgent task, and it does not happen by chance.


We focus on our efforts to reach this position by design through the development of a Framework Of Skills for Inquiry Learning (FOSIL). As a model of the inquiry process, FOSIL is based on the work of Barbara Stripling, but is further informed by the ground-breaking work of Carol Kuhlthau in describing the affective, cognitive and physical demands of inquiry in order to shape more effective interventions. We conclude with a consideration of the many and varied benefits of FOSIL, especially to students.

Campfire: Managing Parents


Campfire Leader: Megan Harlan, Director of College Counselling, Groton School

July 16 @ 18:59
18:59 — 00:45 (45′)