Breakout Sessions 5

The Next 20 Years



  • Padmini Sambasivam | Principal, Welham Girls’ School 
  • Nicholas Sampson |  Headmaster, Cranbrook School 
  • Nigel Lashbrook | Headmaster, Oakham School


There are many factors altering what schools may look like in the next 20 years: unprecedented global forces and the uncharted territories of new technologies and shifts in the ways students want to learn and teachers want to teach. The future of education will require educators to be more pioneering, collaborative and inventive as students will become consumers of education.


It’s important to think about what we can do to prepare for the future so we can improve schools today. In this session different leaders at WLSA schools around the world will share an inspirational lesson on the evolution of education at their school and what they wish for the next 20 years.

Supporting International Students


Moderator: Yasemin Wigglesworth | Executive Officer, Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS)


International students are considered to be a vulnerable group by safeguarding experts.  Whilst we seek to encourage international students to come and study in our countries, we must ensure that they are well looked after, that their welfare is protected, and that their experience of life and study in their new country is therefore extremely positive.


This session will explore how to best support international students, drawing on the experience and expertise of the panelists, and will cover: pre-departure support; the role of the agent and educational guardian; managing expectations of both student and parents/family; culture shock; safeguarding; integration; mental wellbeing; undiagnosed conditions such as autism; cultural stigma; undisclosed medical conditions; and successful learning.

July 16 @ 19:01
19:01 — 00:45 (45′)