Breakout Sessions 5

Redefining education in the 21st century


Moderator: Eve Jardine-Young, Cheltenham Ladies’ College



  • James M. Montoya |Chief of Membership, Governance, and Global Higher Education & Secretary of the Corporation, The College Board
  • Lucian Cosinschi |Regional Director, Europe at Minerva Schools at KGI
  • Catherine Raw, Principal, Reddam House Ballito


In addition to local, national and regional forces shaping curriculums, the 21st century looks certain to see at least one major paradigm shift in relation to how education is received, as well as by whom and at what ages(s) during a lifetime.


We witnessing the growth of international movements such as University of the Third Age in retirement, a rise in home and supported schooling (including the School of the Air in Australia), and the launch of new models for higher education such as the Minerva Schools at KGI, USA which have no fixed campus base.


As new providers are entering the market with innovative technology-enabled models, more traditional models of education will be tested against the needs of future-looking skills requirements, and this panel affords the opportunity to share insights, perspectives and motivations for how education might (or might not) need to be re-imagined and re-defined in the years to come, to remain relevant and powerful for our emerging needs.

Changing lives – how schools, colleges and universities can best support refugees, migrants and undocumented students


Moderator: Robin Fletcher | Chief Executive, Boarding Schools’ Association



  • Jonathan Burdick | Vice Provost for Enrollment, University of Rochester
  •  Andy Taylor | Principal, Maru-a-Pula School


This panel addresses the practical challenges – and benefits – of integrating the growing numbers of refugee, migrant and undocumented students into secondary and higher education communities. Together we will explore how effectively incorporating these students is essential to their long-term success and career prospects, fosters truly global learning environments and creates exceptional value for institutions and societies.


Reimagining the Model for Student Support and College Counseling: The Case for a Dean Model




  • Kyle Graham|Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management and Student Outcomes, Poly Prep Country Day School
  • Jamie Chan | Upper School Dean, Harvard Westlake School


Harvard-Westlake and Poly Prep Country Day School have designed student support models that combine academic advising, personal counseling, and college counseling all within the role of Upper School Dean. Building strong relationships with students and families is the central focus of the dean model. At every step of a student’s experience throughout high school, the dean’s role is to provide mentorship, advice, and individualized support as students navigate their way through the complexities of everything from signing up for courses, dealing with a personally challenging event at home, or navigating the college admissions process. Learn why the Harvard-Westlake School and Poly Prep Country Day School believe wholeheartedly in this model and how, by eliminating traditional silos that often exist between offices and people independent schools, deans are positioned to best serve the needs of students, families, and our school communities.


April 15 @ 08:54
08:54 — 00:45 (45′)