Closing Keynote

Exploration as Education


Presenter: Dr. Wong How Man, Founder/President, CERS


Today’s internet age puts online most knowledge, an immense amount of information and data, at a person’s fingertip.


However, such knowledge is generally second or third hand, if not further down the historic chain, accumulated over centuries and millenniums. Thus, young adults these days are generally deprived of the joy of primary first-hand discovery.


Exploration, on the other hand, emphasizes first-hand information, direct experience, and discovery of new knowledge, be it of our physical world, or even into space and beyond the galaxy.  The speaker will draw on first hand and personal stories from over four decades of exploration, including six expeditions for the National Geographic, to explain how education can be acquired, and enhanced, through exploration.


The illustrated lecture would share with the audience from the use of the Space Shuttle to look for lost cities in the Old Silk Road, to defining river sources of six great rivers of Asia, to the depths of caves, to distant islands in the ocean, success and failure, and how students over the years were able to get inspired through such experience.


About the Speaker

Dr. Wong How Man Founder and President of the Hong Kong- based China Exploration & Research Society, a pre-eminent non-profit organization specializing in exploration, research, conservation and education in remote China and neighboring countries. Learn more.

July 20 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:15 (45′)