Opening Address

“Education, the things we have in common”


Presenter: Eve Jardine-Young


One of the unique features of the WLSA community of member schools is a shared sense of passion, optimism and commitment to a generation of young people who will lead the many cultural, artistic, ethical, scientific and technological advancements in the years to come. 


We know the world is complex, and changing rapidly. We also know the world is beleaguered by difficult challenges, and by rising inequalities both within and between nation states.  


The young people within our schools are growing up in a world full of choice and possibility, and the choices they make around leadership, economic agency, social inclusion and identity will shape future developments and the society in which they, in time, will raise their own families. 


We welcome the chance at our Conference to deepen awareness and understanding of the global diversity within our membership, exploring to what degree we currently share a vision for educational outcomes, and to what extent we are shaped by more local forces, learning from each other within an open, inspiring and collaborate context of fellowship. 


Why ‘Education for the Human Condition’?


Presenter: Claudio Liam Govender | Student, Westville Boys’ High School 





Being a Student Today


Presenter: Caitlin Chung | Student, Harvard Westlake School





Our wish for those at the conference


Presenter: Tanatsei Gambura | Student, African Leadership Academy

July 18 @ 13:00
13:00 — 14:00 (1h)