Special Session: Equal opportunity and the ultimate pursuit of education

Equal opportunity and the ultimate pursuit of education


Presenter: Liu Liu


In the past 30 years, the wealth of 1% of the wealthy people in the United States has increased by 200 times, while at the same time 75% of ordinary people’s wealth has increased by 45%, which is the trend of the world. As the polarization between the rich and the poor intensifies, people with low income around the world and the new immigrants who lost their lands, it’s transforming into the biggest injustice among them showing an unfair education.


In China, privileged children go to private schools with a state-of-the-art equipment and the best teachers while the migrant’s children cannot have the same privileges. The gap between public schools in Shanghai is not so obvious. But the privileged children go abroad to participate in summer camps, winter camps, etc during holidays, providing them a more global perspective, while the migrant workers have no money for tutors after school; not to mention traveling, study tours, etc. With such an education gap it is extremely harmful to society. Fair opportunity is a constant driving force for social progress.

July 20 @ 09:15
09:15 — 10:00 (45′)