For Students


WLSA provides the experience of interacting and sharing knowledge with others so students can grow individually as global leaders. WLSA programs offer a safe space for learners to explore their place in the world free from the pressure of university admissions.

Global Programs

Student Conference

The WLSA Student Conference is a five-day event wherein students are placed in an environment that challenge them to learn from one another, work in a multi-cultural team and grow as a global citizen.

Cross Cultural Leadership Program

CCLP brings together students from across the world to work together in small groups with a dedicated leadership mentor over 3 eight-week terms, culminating in an international capstone conference in the summer.

Student Council

The WLSA Student Council is comprised of students from associate schools all around the world, contributing as the student voice and providing input during development of WLSA events and services.

Student Opportunities

Tony Little Scholarship

The Tony Little Scholarship provides opportunities for cultural experiences to non-chinese WLSA associate students in need of financial support.

Internships in China

WLSA internships offer a full immersion opportunity for students to come to China and experience office culture in a different country.