Global Educators Conference 2024

It is with pleasure that we invite you to the Global Educators Conference (GEC) hosted by the World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) from 29 to 30 June 2024 at NYU Shanghai (Qiantan Campus). This year, we celebrate the return to in-person conferencing with the theme 'Navigating the Future: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education'. Shanghai, with its futuristic skyline and cosmopolitan outlook provides the perfect backdrop for our forward-thinking discussions. In this era of rapid technological change, the GEC offers a vital opportunity for educators to come together to examine and influence how AI is transforming education around the world.

The Global Educators Conference stands as a global forum, bringing together educators, thought leaders, and innovators to discuss important ideas and plan for the future of education in a diverse world. The last in-person GEC in Prague in 2019 was a resounding success, and our most recent event in 2022, held online, focused on 'Leading in a Turbulent World', maintaining our tradition of impactful global dialogue. WLSA, established in 2011 in New York, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding and global leadership in education. WLSA currently has 56 associate schools and organises a variety of educational initiatives. These include the Global Educators Conference, Global Students Conference, student exchanges, leadership programs, teacher exchanges with professional development opportunities, and student internships.

Exploring the theme of 'Navigating the Future: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education', the conference will feature:

  • Keynote Addresses: Listen to leading voices discuss the transformative power of AI in education, including the integration hardware, software, and human elements, while addressing potential and challenges such as ethical and responsible use, inclusivity, sustainability and preserving human-centric educational values in an era of rapid technological advancements.

  • Expert Panels: Engage with experts as they discuss the coexistence of humans and machines, the evolving landscape of learning in the age of AI, and the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in education.

  • Collaborative Workshops: Participate in workshops focused on harnessing spatial computing and AI for enhanced educational experiences and global collaborations. These sessions will also delve into why sharpening critical thinking skills is more vital than ever in interrogating the world.

  • Innovative AI Applications in Education: Explore how AI reshapes communication and interactions globally, influences modern educational methods, and enhances understanding, ideation, and creativity in the learning process.

  • Emerging Technologies in Learning: Engage in sessions that reveal the rise of spatial computing, offering new dimensions in immersive learning experiences and connectivity.

  • Ethics in AI Research: Join discussions on the ethical considerations of AI in educational research, including how to responsibly use AI with transparency while safeguarding privacy, equity, and trust.

  • AI's Role in Enhancing Critical Engagement: Explore how AI can be used to critically interrogate information, fostering a more in-depth understanding of the world and responsible AI use in educational settings.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a global community of educators and leaders, exchanging insights and building collaborative partnerships.




For further information or any inquiries regarding the conference, please contact us at We very much hope that you can join us and we would be honored to have you as our distinguished guest.