Since 2004, heads from schools in China and leading partners in education from around the world discussed ways to develop enhanced understanding and cooperation between schools. From these discussions grew the desire to create a formal association of selected leading schools, part of them from China and part of them from the West. The World Leading Schools Association was established in 2011 at the 5th World Leading Schools' Forum, which would eventually become the WLSA Global Educators Conference. 

WLSA Founding Members
Eton College
CHEER Foundation
Groton School
Geelong Grammar School
High School Affiliated to Fudan University
Beijing No. 4

WLSA has a rich history hosting events that bring together leading experts in the field of education to promote cooperation, academic exchange, discussion and research of innovative and stimulating educational topics. School heads, senior faculty, admissions officials, college counselors, students and others working in the field of education from secondary schools, universities and independent educational organizations have worked together at our conferences to support cultural awareness and understanding and to encourage meaningful, long-term collaborative activities across continents.   

Prior to the launch of WLSA at the 5th World Leading Schools Forum, New York, July 2011, International Forums of Leading Schools were hosted by the CHEER Foundation. These conferences were designed to act as a platform to support the world's leading head teachers in increasing international communication and co-operation between China and the West. These events appear on the timeline below.

Past Events
1st Sino-International Schools Forum
1st Sino-International Schools Forum

The 1st annual Sino-International Schools Forum was held in Shanghai, China between 9-11 April 2005 and hosted by CHEER.