East to West Exchange


The WLSA East to West Exchange program has been an invaluable part of WLSA since 2012. Welcoming an exchange from a WLSA associate school in China is beneficial in so many ways. You can share your school’s traditions with a student from another culture and bring the world right to your doorstep.

2019 Dates:

January 26 until February 15


Give your students the international experience without ever leaving the country. The WLSA East to West Exchange program presents an opportunity for your school to host students for a three week period in January-February from our WLSA associate schools in China.


The program includes:

  • Entrance interviews to ensure a high standard of English
  • Fully qualified chaperones from our Chinese associate schools
  • Full medical insurance – for all the little whoops that happen during travel

Host School Responsibilities

To ensure an efficient and effective process for the East to West Exchange, as a Host School you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Provide WLSA with any requirements or required forms for visiting students and chaperones
  • Confirm school uniform/dress code requirements
  • Confirm which costs are covered by your school and which are to be covered by WLSA
  • Provide a detailed program for the two week exchange (including weekend activities) for students and chaperones
  • Confirm accommodation, catering and local travel arrangements for students and accompanying chaperones
  • Provide information regarding host families or dormitories
  • Confirm available internet access for students to contact their families

Student Selection

Students from our WLSA associate schools in China are invited to apply. The selection criteria are both the students’ English level and motivation to participate in the Exchange. The level of English and motivation are based on the contents of the motivation letter and the outcome of an interview conducted with WLSA staff members fluent in English. This assures that exchange students have an advanced level of English and are placed in an institution that matches with their interests.

Student Demographics

You can expect exchange students from 15 to 17 years of age. We do what we can to attract an equal amount of male and female candidates, but the applicant pool is generally dominated by talented female applicants.