Image Usage Policy

The logo issued by the World Leading Schools Association (henceforth referred to as WLSA) may be used under the following guidelines only:

  • The logo may only be used in obvious connection with WLSA
  • The logo may not be copied, distributed (in hard copy or electronic form) or used in any way other than in obvious connection with WLSA
  • The logo must be used as provided by WLSA with no changes, including, but not limited to, changes in colour
  • The logo must be displayed in its entirety and should have a minimum size of 0.94 x 1.07 inches (height/width) and a maximum size of 1.24 x 1.41 inches (height/width)
  • Keep sufficient space around the logo so that it appears uncluttered and stands alone. The logo may not be combined with any other object (for example, other logos, words, graphics or photos)
  • The logo may not be used in any way that suggests any type of association or partnership with WLSA or approval, sponsorship or endorsement