Mission & Vision


The WLSA community is made up of students, educators and leaders from secondary schools and universities collaborating and learning from one another through international and innovative experiences and programs.


We believe in the power of community. Through WLSA, we advocate for the development of open-minded, resilient and responsible global leaders who can re-shape how we want to live and work with each other in the world.



WLSA believes that students of all income levels and backgrounds should be given the opportunity to learn, travel and develop as a global citizen.



Through WLSA programs we provide students with the tools and training to reinvent the pathway to become the next generation of global leaders.


WLSA global citizens continue to redefine what it means to be a global leader in their communities, schools, businesses and neighborhoods.

The Significance of Our Values

Words from WLSA Students

Samuel Buckley-Bonanno

Harvard-Westlake School


The best part of the WSLA conference is the people. In meeting students from every corner of the world, you realize how similar we all are as human beings, and make lifelong friendships that cross borders and cultures. Through every activity from sports to philosophy, being here makes you a part of bringing the world together.


Fatoumata Sow

African Leadership Academy


Diverse, Thought-provoking and mind-opening. During these few days, I have learned how to see potential in the smallest things and what we role we play in shaping the future we are going to live in. Thank you for inspiring me to become a better version of myself


Andy Yang (Zheqing Yang)

WLSA Fudan Academy


The student conference is really a very nice project, especially for the students who is a little bit nervous about communicating with each other. Before I came here, I was really worried about whether I can make friends with others, but after I came here, I found that there was really a lot of students who have same interest with me. I really enjoyed the conference and I thought the program was great.