Call For Proposal

The World Leading Schools Association welcomes proposals for presentation at the 2019 WLSA Global Education Conference hosted at the Prague Marriott Hotel, Czech Republic July 2019.  This year’s theme is Education for the Human Condition and is open to anyone interested in global education and the issues surrounding mental health and the special needs that arise on a diverse campus.

Application Information:

Proposals will be accepted from October 15, 2018 – January 15, 2019.
Applicants will be notified by February 1, 2019.


In lieu of the 620/520 euro registration fee, the presenters will pay a reduced fee of 300 euro.

Types of Sessions:

(1-2 speakers / 45 minutes)

A speaker-led, open conversation that focuses on driving a dialogue with attendees around a particular topic rather than offering a structured presentation.
(1 person / 10 minutes)

A short solo presentation highlighting a skill and emerging ideas on 1-2 slides.
(2-4 speakers / 45 minutes)

A diverse and dynamic exploration of a particular topic (ideas for presentations can be found here).
(1-2 speakers / 45 minutes)

A focused presentation followed by audience Q&A.
(4-6 speakers/ 1 moderator / 45 minutes)

A constructive, moderated debate between opposing viewpoints on an impactful topic.
(1-3 speakers / 90 minutes)

An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways.

The Call for Proposal is now closed.