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Resources & Publications

WLSA Reach

2019 - present


WLSA Reach is a bi-annual publication that brings together diverse voices and experiences in the field of international education.


WLSA Reach is written for an audience of educators, school administrators, school heads, admissions professionals, and other professionals interested in developments in the field. Circulation includes our network of Associate Schools, sponsors, and other professional affiliates.


Reach Spring Summer 2020 is now available.


For more information on writing for Reach, please see the Reach Fall Winter 2020 Contributor Guidelines.



Issue 1 November 2019

Issue 2 June 2020

Past Publications
The WLSA Record

2012 - 2018


From 2012 to 2018 The WLSA Record provided a forum for exchange between educationists and educational institutions in China and their counterparts around the world.  The publications provided records of WLSA conferences and other materials of educational interest submitted by WLSA Associates, partners, and other leading individuals from within the field of education. 


In addition to the provision of practical information The WLSA Record presented articles of a reflective and intellectual character that will led into deeper cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation. It was presented in both Mandarin and English and available in both printed and electronic formats. The WLSA Record ceased publication in 2018 and was replaced by Reach, the inaugural edition of which was published in 2019. 



Volume 1 2012

Volume 2 2013

Volume 3 2014

Volume 4 2015

Volume 5 2016

Volume 6 2016

Volume 7 2017

Volume 8 2018