WLSA Scholarship Program

Building Our Future Leaders.

The WLSA Scholarship Program offers full scholarship packages to Chinese students for both secondary and higher education.


Participants are financially disadvantaged students who excel in academics and typically come from often overlooked rural areas that are filled with untapped talent. WLSA scholarships help facilitate their educational goals and improve their quality of life.


The first part of the scholarship package covers high school tuition, boarding and living expenses for the three years (Grades 10, 11, 12) of secondary education at the WLSA Fudan Academy (WFA) in Shanghai. While fine tuning their English writing and oral skills, WFA prepares them for higher education, including AP courses.


The WFA curriculum focuses on a holistic education, offering a full range of extracurricular activities, including athletics, art and community work, alongside a rigorous academic curriculum.


The second part of the scholarship package follows students through their higher education and will fund the additional costs not covered by a scholarship or financial aid offered by the institution of higher education.


The WLSA Scholarship Program is funded by the WLSA Charitable Foundation in Hong Kong.



WLSA’s previous scholarship students have achieved exemplary results, with 100% of them matriculating to leading American universities with full or partial scholarships including Yale University, Cornell University, Columbia University & Vanderbilt University.


Selection Process

Students are selected in two phases.


The selection process is extremely competitive, awarding scholarships to highly motivated students who are deemed able to excel, not only at WLSA Fudan Academy, but also in higher education outside China.

First Phase
A selection team visits applicants and seeks out talent from rural, lower-income areas of China. Students are selected based on academic achievement and financial need.
Second Phase
Interviews are conducted and applicants are selected based on an overall score.