Semester Abroad

Take a Semester Abroad with WLSA

Explore the other side of the world with a Semester Abroad at the WLSA Academy Shanghai.

China is the oldest surviving ancient civilization and is rich with delicious food, exquisite art, thriving business and a city that never sleeps.

Choosing a Semester Abroad with WLSA takes the work of going abroad, once you decide to come to China everything from visa, travel arrangements, housing and your program is designed by our WLSA staff to tailor your needs and requirements.

With WLSA Semester Abroad, going to China is easy.


A Fun Full Immersion Program

The Semester Abroad program includes Mandarin classes, an internship with a Chinese business, leadership opportunities inside the classroom, travelling around China and the exciting challenge of living in a new culture.

Connect with International Students & Staff

The WLSA Shanghai Academy is an international school with students and educators from around the world including; USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Korea, Germany and the Netherlands.


Unlike other going abroad experiences WLSA tries to keep the costs as low as possible so you can get the full experience out of your Semester Abroad.

WLSA Covers the Following Costs
  • Visa Invitation letter
  • Tuition Fee at WLSA Shanghai Academy
  • Food so you can eat to your hearts content
  • Accommodation
  • Curriculum (including Mandarin course)
  • Local Transportation (within Shanghai)
  •  A small monthly stipend is provided to cover food and transportation each month to WLSA Associate school students
Students Are Expected to Pay For
  • Visa
  • Round-trip Flight
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Souvenirs
  • Processing Fee for non-WLSA associate member students