West to East Exchange

Exchange Services have been postponed until 2021
Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in China, WLSA Exchange Services have been postponed until 2021. Although there have been no reports of the virus in our school community, we are taking extra precautions to keep WLSA students, faculty and staff safe.


The WLSA West to East Exchange provides students from WLSA Associate Schools the opportunity to visit Associate Schools in China and participate in Chinese culture, language and education.


The aims of the exchange will vary among participating schools but may include:


Invite students and teachers to engage in Chinese culture, language and education.


Foster an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity.


Build long-term relationships among Associate Schools, teachers and students.


Share practices and ideas that support the learning and development of students and staff.


The West to East Exchange is always open, our Associates in China will welcome your students at almost any time of year (Preferably October – May). They are able to host between 4 and 10 students, for a 1-2 week exchange.


All west to east exchanges are individual and tailored to your school’s needs. Therefore costs for the program will change accordingly. For more information fill out our interest form.


The majority of schools in China offer accommodation on campus. If your school or students would prefer staying with student families, please inform us at your earliest available opportunity so that we may explore this possibility for you.


Should you prefer to arrange accommodation at a hotel near to the school you are visiting, we will be happy to help with making the arrangements.

Exchange Experiences

What Our Students Say

The exchange from South Africa to China from the 24th of November to the 1st off December 2018 was a culturally eye-opening experience. The connections I made are life-long and made me more aware of the diversity of South-East Asia.


I found China different to South Africa in every single way. I found the reserved nature of all the students socially surprising compared to the affectionate friendships in South Africa. The maturity of the students impressed me, being two years older I still did not find any trouble connecting and relating to my classmates and forming a close bond with my exchange student. The hospitality and willingness of everyone to teach me popular Chinese phrases and introducing me to the different cuisine was so heart warming and made my stay in China so fulfilling.


I learned a lot about culture and my experiences made me reflect on myself to take initiative on being more educated on the different customs of China. The WLSA student exchange really made me aspire to be more like the students I have met through WLSA, who are kind, hardworking and wholesome.

Westville Girls’ & Boys’ High School South Africa – WLSA Fudan (China) - 2018


Please submit the interest form on this page or email us at events@wlsafoundation.org.