Spark by WLSA

Online Learning Courses

Spark by WLSA provides a unique learning experience by creating a virtual classroom with students from around the world.

Course material is presented through an online platform that includes recorded video podcasts, group-work, discussion forums and a resource library. Most courses have an optional capstone that brings the online portion of the course into in-person learning.

Courses Currently Offered:

College Counseling Course


This course shows participants how colleges and high schools work together to anticipate and resolve the issues that students face in applying successfully to American universities. By building on our participants previous knowledge and experience, we certify participant’s professional standing at the end of this course of studies.


Course goals include:


  • Understanding what universities representatives look for in applicants and what is needed from school counselors.
  • Methods & skills for counselors to work effectively with students, parents, teachers, schools, and colleges.
Cross Cultural Leadership Program


This unique and challenging program, developed exclusively for potential leaders in WLSA Associate Schools, brings together students from across the world to work together in small groups with a dedicated leadership mentor over two 10-week terms, culminating in a capstone in the summer of 2021.


Course goals include:


  • Understanding oneself as a leader, and understanding others.
  • Focus on three areas of leadership challenge: gender, corruption and climate change.