Student Council

Rafaela Moutzoures

WLSA Student Council President
Westville Girls' High School

WLSA Student Council Vice President
Harvard-Westlake School

Strauss Cooperstein

WLSA Student Council Treasurer
Harvard-Westlake School

Miya Lyu

WLSA Student Council Secretary
WLSA Fudan Academy

Elias Duan

WLSA Fudan Academy

Storm Bookhard

Poly Prep Country Day School

Hannah Lee

Korea International School

Max Norris

Oundle School

Mac Roberts

Montgomery Bell Academy

David Webber

Westville Boys

Bethel Yalew

African Leadership Academy

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The 12 members of the first Student Council are from all over the world and meet monthly via virtual hangouts.

Their main task is to plan the entire 2018 Student Conference with the support of the WLSA Team among other projects. We are proud of our diverse group of young international leaders that together form the WLSA Student Council.

The 2018 Student Conference, entirely planned by students, will provide a multi-cultural leadership experience, as well as global learning through the lens of real students.

Learn more about the 2018 Student Conference

 Are you an Associate School student looking to get involved with WLSA?

Email us at [email protected]