Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council are Ambassadors for WLSA. They are representatives from schools from all over the world and meet monthly via virtual hangouts.


The 2020 Student Conference, entirely planned by the Student Council with the support from WLSA, will provide a multi-cultural leadership experience, as well as global learning through the lens of real students. They provide the youth voice for our next conference, and also deliver projects in their schools and communities that reflect WLSA values.


We are proud of our diverse group of young international leaders that together form the WLSA Student Council.


Student Council Elections 2020


We are now accepting applications for the next WLSA Student Council. In addition to supporting WLSA's Student Conference, being a part of the Student Council:


  • Empowers student leadership
  • Enables students to make a meaningful impact in their school and local community
  • Provides students with networking opportunities and experience in a global setting
  • Increases exposure to genuine problem-solving procedures
  • Adds value to students' resumes
  • Creates an opportunity to form friendships with other like-minded students from all over the world