Teach in China

Experience Teaching in China

This program, created by the World Leading Schools Association, provides teachers from WLSA associate schools around the world the opportunity to teach, live, and grow in China. WLSA’s Teach in China progam is designed as a cultural, continued learning experience for teachers at our Associate Schools.

Program Details

Selected teachers will move to China, on a leave of absence from their current position, to teach at the WLSA Fudan Academy or other Chinese associate schools in Shanghai or Beijing. The program lasts for one school year and during this time teachers are able to grow professionally from a global perspective.

Benefits Package


What is the salary?

Salary range of 3000-5000 USD per month dependent on experience


In which currency will I be paid?

You will be paid partially in RMB (Chinese Yuan via a Chinese Bank account which the school will set up for you) and USD.


Settlement Allowance

You will receive a one-time settlement allowance of 2500 CNY to cover moving costs and furnishings. All receipts should be saved.

Living Costs

Food / Entertainment / Shopping / Clothing / Transport can be 50-60% less compared to the cost of living in parts of the US.


Free fully furnished apartment in close proximity to the campus. The average size is around 50 m² for a single. you are responsible for monthly expenses including wifi, electricity and water.


Flights from USA to China: Your flight will be paid by WLSA, economy class, one-way ticket on arrival and one-way ticket upon successful completion of contract.


Additionally you are provided with one round trip ticket to use throughout the year at your disposal, capped at $800.00.


From your apartment to the school: Expect travel time from 10-40 minutes based on your location but Shanghai public transportation is very affordable and there is a solid infrastructure to support cyclists and pedestrians.


You may need vaccinations for China. It is best for you to consult with your physician for tailored advice.


What teaching equipment do they have at the schools?

At WLSA Fudan Academy we have all the basic supplies and equipment including our curriculum materials, computers, overhead projector, blackboard and whiteboard.


Are there any canteens in the school?

Yes, they serve only Chinese food but there are many western restaurants in the area of the school.


What is the average size of the classroom?

20-25 students


How many teaching hours?

16-20 hours per week.


What are my other responsibilities as a WLSA Fudan teacher?

Outside the basic expectations of teaching and nurturing our student’s academic and emotional growth, we want every exchange teacher to provide one article for our academic record that comes out twice yearly.


It is also encouraged that you volunteer in the athletics and music department, if you are naturally inclined to do so.


We also offer exciting opportunities to volunteer as international chaperones where you can travel with our students during our East to West Exchange in February to other schools in our associate network including; South Africa, Australia, Korea, the UK and even home to America.


All of our students can speak basic English but should you wish to learn basic Mandarin there are ample opportunities to practice with colleagues and courses available. These courses are not funded by WLSA and our Chinese staff can help you to make arrangements upon arrival.


Do I need to provide my own health insurance?

You will be responsible for arranging individual health insurance.


You will need a tourist visa to enter China and a work visa for employment. Our Chinese associates will assist you with this process and you will be reimbursed for all fees incurred. This takes places after the acceptance of your role.


We must stress that visa processes in China are dynamic and constantly evolving; the ideal candidate will be flexible throughout the process, tasks for visas will include; notarizing documents, acquiring criminal background checks, proof of two years teaching experience (through signed letters from current and previous employers) among others.

Holiday Leave

You receive a minimum of 9 weeks holiday per year as well as all Chinese national holidays.

To participate in the WLSA Teach in China program apply below.

Preliminary Skype Interviews will take place Spring 2019.

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