Academic Director (Shanghai Middle School)

WLSA/XZY Middle School International Teaching Program

In the school year 2018-19, the co-curricular WLSA/XZY ITP program in Shanghai is in its 5th year since the foundation in 2014-15. Grade 9 graduates proceed to the WLSA Fudan Academy high school for grades 10-12, from which most graduates proceed to further their studies in higher education outside China.

WLSA is looking for a Chinese Academic Director with a good command of English to take over leadership of the program in 2018-19. He/she will report to the Academic Director of the WLSA Fudan Academy (High School) in Shanghai.

The primary role of the Academic Director of WLSA/XZY ITP program is to manage and coordinate the WLSA / XZY Middle School International Teaching Program (around 190 students in Grades 6,7,8,& () to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Functions and Responsibilities

The WLSA/XZY Academic Director is the head of the school’s Management Team and is in close coordination and cooperation with the Faculty HR Manager of WLSA Shanghai Schools, and has the following functions and responsibilities:

a. Overall school and academic management, including curriculum planning and development:

  1. Formulating and monitoring of academic planning.
  2. Chairing the departmental meetings.
  3. Developing educational processes and policies to meet academic goals.
  4. Regular meetings with XZY Management regarding strategy & curriculum matters.
  5. Overseeing the on-going development of the quality of the classes provided and ensuring that students are encouraged to get the best out of themselves.

b. Leading a team of international teachers:

  1. Chairing the WLSA/XZY Management Team
  2. Providing training to faculty on latest educational technology and techniques.
  3. Administration of faculty workloads.

c. Student management:

  1. Overseeing the development of unique and instructional programs for students.
  2. Overseeing the upkeep and further development of student records and attendance records.

d. Teacher appraisals/quality control:

  1. Enhancing teacher performance & the quality of their classes.

e. Align the overall curriculum composition and structuring of the English-taught parts of the 4-year curriculum with international standards and requirements (See also the WLSA Fudan Curriculum). The Chinese-taught parts of the curriculum follow the standards and requirements of the regular, Chinese Xin Zhu Yuan Middle School program.


f. Curriculum Quality Control: Creating a coherent and sound curriculum ascribing to meet all requisite learning aims for international middle school education. Instilling a school philosophy and vision and ensuring that all staff members uphold the fundamental principles that WLSA stands for.

g. Course Description development: Training teachers in the process of developing academically sound and rigorous syllabi for effective instruction.

h. Coaching the Deputy Academic Director to run the program in his/her absence, regarding daily operational matters, student performance and overall student management.

i. Teacher Training: Conduct/arrange regular training seminars to keep teachers abreast of developments within the field of learning and development.

j. Exam Quality Control: Overseeing that all exams are aligned with stated course objectives.

k. Implementation of the use of rubrics for standardized grading and updated course descriptions of all classes each year.

l. Inspiring and motivating students to take ownership of learning and to strive to exceed their own expectations. In short: Creating the “Future World Leaders” motto and ensuring that students and staff live up to it.

m. Ensuring that students are disciplined learners throughout the entire 4-year program by overseeing the continued development of student disciplinary matters.

n. Creating a cohesive and culturally sensitive team.

o. Communicating and collaborating with WLSA administration departments to ensure consistency in policies, terms and conditions.

p. Supervising and overseeing the work of the school’s Deputy Director & Assistant Deputy Director

q. Overseeing on an on-going basis the alignment of the WLSA / XZY curriculum with the WLSA Fudan Academy G10 curriculum.

r. Overseeing the organization of student outings occasional visits to WLSA Fudan

s. Chairperson of the WLSA/XZY Parent-Teacher Association

Administrative Delegations

The Headmaster/Academic Director has the following administrative delegations:

  1. To “hire and fire” teachers in accordance with the recruiting and hiring policy and the salary structure laid down in the WLSA Shanghai Schools Faculty HR Manual, in coordination with the Faculty HR Manager WLSA Shanghai Schools and the CEO of the CHEER Foundation.
  2. To decide together with Deputy Headmasters/Deputy Academic Directors on whether teachers on probation have passed their probation period, in accordance with policies as described in the WLSA Shanghai Schools Faculty HR Manual, in coordination with the Faculty HR Manager WLSA Shanghai Schools and the CEO of the CHEER Foundation.


The Academic Director reports and is accountable to the Executive Director of the WLSA Foundation, Jack Jia, for the successful outcome of the XZY Middle School international program.

Benefits Package

  • Salary: 64,000 - 76,500 USD dependent on experience
  • Full medical and dental insurance
  • Accomodation
  • Local transportation reimbursement
  • Flight to China

Interested candidates, please email your CV to